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Grouper fish caught on charter by Jawbreaker Charters.

Grouper Fishing Charters

Grouper fishing year round in the Gulf of Mexico, the world's largest Grouper fishery!

Deep Sea/Offshore Grouper Fishing Charters

Serving guests in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding areas.

Two men holding a Grouper caught on their deep sea fishing charter off the shore of St. Petersburg, FL.Jawbreaker Charters can offer Grouper fishing charters year round, one of the best parts of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Although Grouper is seasonal, they migrate to specific depths of water as the temperature changes. Jawbreaker’s rule of thumb - when fishing for Grouper in cool winter water, fish shallow; when fishing for Grouper in warm summer water, fish deeper.

Grouper is a very popular and tasteful eating fish here in Florida. Many of our guests like our Grouper fishing charter because they enjoy taking home and grilling up the fish they caught earlier in the day. When fishing for Grouper, the most common method is “digging”, or bottom fishing, offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

At Jawbreaker Charters, we use a combination of live bait and cut bait (this is the stinky stuff). Grouper has a hard time resisting our bait because of their natural instinct to eat. During the winter months, trolling for Grouper tends to yield larger fish, but has its limitations. Typically, our Grouper fishing charters focus on the bottom fishing techniques.

Grouper usually put up quite the fight once hooked, so we use high quality, medium to heavy action fishing rods, with an open-style conventional reel and 50# line or heavier. On The Jawbreaker, every angler(that’s you) will be provided with the proper fishing gear, and if you are new to fishing, we will teach you all about it.


We'll catch Grouper, along with some other types of fish.

We'll concentrate on Grouper, but when you are deep sea fishing miles offshore, you'll also catch some other types of fish. There are several other reef fish that can put up a fight, and are just as delicious on the table.

  • Mangrove Snapper is one of the tastiest reef dwellers in the Gulf of Mexico, this fish is also one of the hardest fighters to reel in.
  • Cobia is a brown-colored fish that can show up anytime or anywhere when fishing for Grouper. In our opinion, smoked Cobia is one of the best smoked fish there is.
  • Sharks ,many anglers only know what they see in the movies about sharks. They can be fun to catch, but you better have a strong back. There are dozens of species of sharks found in the Gulf of Mexico, and each one presenting a different challenge for the angler.
  • Amberjacks are usually caught around wrecks, reefs and in waters, approximately 60ft to 90ft deep. They feed almost primarily on live bait fish but are not very picky eaters. Amberjacks are fun to catch for anglers because they are extremely strong fighters and have great endurance.
  • Trigger Fish, we usually catch in depths of water that exceed 80ft. Trigger fish are almost always found with Red Snapper because they live in the same habitat.
  • Sea Bass is a relative of the Grouper that are fun to catch because of their aggressive behavior. These are a popular fish for recreational and commercial anglers because they taste delicious on the dinner table, providing a delicate, mild tasting meat.

Big fish caught on offshore fishing charter in St. Petersburg, FL.

The list of other species of fish we can catch on a Grouper charter can go on and on. Sometimes, these other species may only be seasonal and must be released. Jawbreaker Charters follows all state and local laws regarding size and bag limitations, but very rarely will our Grouper fishing charter only come back with Grouper in the box. If you are looking to go out on the best fishing deep sea fishing charter in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding area call (727) 432-0422 or complete our online reservation form.