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Weeren for a great Tampa fishing charter

Friday, April 15, 2016

Weeren for a great Tampa fishing charter

Quality deep sea fishing charters near St.Pete Beach are few and far in between, but Rob Weeren has found one that he obviously believes in-and Jawbreaker fishing charters is always glad to have him back again and again and again.

This time Rob brought along his veteran crew of Susan(wife), daughters Megan and Hanna, and newcomers Bess and Julia...and the girls were all pumped up for a serious fishing session, and Rob...he was just downright serious! I call him the 'quiet fisherman', "you're thinking about it too hard Rob", I would say as Brad and I steadily unhook Groupers and Snappers for the rest of the crew. It's all good fun and Rob is a great sport. Afterall, it is his hand-picked crew getting it done...Jawbreaker style!

Check out young Hanna Weeren and good friend Bess with Hanna's winning fish...a whopping 12 pound Red Grouper!!!...Way to go girls, and with that fish joining a few more, along with a box full of Snappers...another successful fishing charter with the Weerens. Thanks again Rob, it's always nice seeing familiar faces returning to the Jawbreaker fishing team! Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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