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Steady Kingfish action is upon us

Monday, April 06, 2015

Steady Kingfish action is upon us

We have not seen this kind of fishing action in Tampa Bay and St.Petersburg in quite some time, and we're not just talking your normal run-of-the-mill "good bite", eh? No sir, we are talking about line burning, reel screaming, heart pounding action like you would expect from a sci-fi flick. You, hopefully, get the idea. King fishing in Tampa is hot right now!

Even with the full moon approaching fast and bright every night, the Kings were very coooperative this past Good Friday morning, and it seemed that every Tom Dick and Harry had the day off to go take a shot at the 'sometimes' elusive King. Well, Jawbreaker fishing charters and friends were right in the mix, and certainly took our fair share of the fish. Check out our first victim to hit the ice(from the left)Capt.Dan, Kaden, Max and Karl with a brand new-straight out of the water Kingfish...ready for smokin!!...Yeh Buddy! Our limit of 2 Kingfish per person was easily met-with an additional few 'tailed' fish for catch-and-release action...watch those digits Will.

Spring break is in full swing and so is the Jawbreaker...swinging gaffs and asking questions later, call us today and get in on some of the hottest fishing St.Pete Beach has to offer. Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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