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Snapper Time

Friday, September 04, 2015

Snapper Time

Snapper fishing the offshore and nearshore waters of St.Pete Beach and Tampa Bay is on fire right now. If you have the light tackle, and a somewhat experienced hand, you will find Snapper success on every ledge and rock pile out there. Jawbreaker fishing charters has been on a roll lately with very healthy catches of Mangrove snapper, Yellowtail and even a few Hogfish-using very light spinning outfits, baited with Shrimp and Crab. You will have to pick through the grey snappers a.k.a. 'grunts', but hey...that's not a bad problem to have as they make some of the best table fare available, ask any Captain worth his salt...Arrggg!!..

So there it is in short-very short-grab your light spinners, pick up at least 10 dozen shrimp and go bang up the Snaps while the getting is good...Summertime is the best time! Check out Capt. Dan Barry with a healthy Mango, ready for the grease! Happy fishing folks. Capt. Dan 

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