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Salts of the Earth

Monday, August 15, 2016

Salts of the Earth

I don't know how to better describe Raymond Arias and his awesome crew, who recently had an epic trip fishing on board the Jawbreaker. From the first time I met Ray and his good friend Manny, I knew they were 'keepers'....boy was I right!

Like I said, a recent fishing trip put Ray and the boys in the middle of an action packed thriller...not a movie, but if it were I would expect to be walking the red carpet to accept some sort of goofy trophy for 'best director' or something. Anyway, a slow start had me concerned as the bite had been instant for the last 5 days in a row. I'm talking first bait in...bam! But after putting in some time, and of course a little tidal flow picking up, we were right back in the mix of it. Line screaming action with a steady flow of King fish, Barracudas, Bonitos, big Spanish macks and of course...a few shark attacks. The boys were happy!

Aside from catching big fish and taking names, Jawbreaker fishing charters has a heart, and the crew that keeps it going knows great people when we meet them. This trip was about Ray and his son, Armani, and Ray wanted to make a great memory that would last forever. Yes, there were 4 other awesome individuals having a great time as well, but the mission was complete within the first 5 minutes of this fine crew boarding the Jawbreaker, and I knew I had some new friends for life. You see, it's really not about the fish, it's about the people doing the fishing....I get it, and so does Raymond Arias. Check us out after another blessed day fishing the Jawbreaker(from left to right)Gary, Gordo, Ray, Manny, Armani(up front), Javier, Bad Brad Whery and the Capt. I know...that's one good looking crew, eh?

Jawbreaker fishing charters is ready when you are...just give us a call today and book your next memory with us! Happy fishing folks, Capt. Dan

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