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Runaway Grouper in the Gulf

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Runaway Grouper in the Gulf

It seems that the Gag Grouper population in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico are in very good shape. This past week we fished several charters in the 35-50 foot range and just could not get away from this 'overfished' species. What's even a better sign of things to come, most of the fish were juveniles and smaller fish than the ones pictured above.

You could say that our crew from Monday- Bryce, John, Kristin and Robin had a bang em' up time fishing on the Jawbreaker. Lots of short Red Groupers, Porgies, Mangos, Grey snapper aka Grunts and of course...the ever elusive, over-fished and endangered Gag Grouper. Man we couldn't get away from these fish...not that we wanted to; but considering that all Gags have to be released until June 1, and considering that there is a definite mortality rate for most bottom dwellers upon release-as high as 40 percent...just saying. 

In a perfect world, I believe that a minimal size limit of 16" would be more ideal in that an angler could, in most cases, keep the first couple of fish they catch and go home. This would certainly lower the number of fish being released and take serious pressure off the population. At least let us keep 2 per boat...like the ones John(left) and Bryce(right) are showing off above...jeeezze! I guess we just have to wait until June, if the rules don't change again before then.

Jawbreaker fishing charters..call us today and get into the Spring Kingfish run that is just days away. Happy fishing, Capt.Dan

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