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Loss of a legend part 4

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Loss of a legend part 4

As I sit here this morning, watching the wind bend the trees and listening to a steady rain, I have a hard time choosing what to say more about Jon West. He was a friend, a teacher, and an inspiration. And sometimes Jon was even a challenger, in the ring of debate...and let me say, good luck winning one of those!

At Jon's 'celebration of life' service, one of Jon's very best friends, Chad Lembke, said..."if you never had an arguement or heated debate with Jon, you just haven't spent enough time with him". That statement received a roar of laughter for many reasons because people just knew Jon that well, and those words probably rang differently for each and every one of us that understood. I actually accused Jon of being too intelligent one time, in a heated debate.." It's not even fair trying to argue with you, you're so much smarter than everyone else...there's no winning against you." We actually laughed together about that one later on.

It's true, Jon West was smarter than almost everyone else. But the thing about Jon was that he shared. He would tell you or show you anything he knew...that's rare these days, but that was Jon West-the teacher. I remember a time when another of Jon's very close/best friends was going thru a terrible situation, and was in a very unstable position(I can't give details) and Jon dropped everything, and offered up everything to save his friend, and he helped pull this guy through, that was Jon West-the friend. Lastly, there was the time that Jon went to work on a fishing boat with a guy that he knew was in awe of working with him, and he taught this guy everything. I mean, he showed this person everything he knew because the guy listened and wanted to learn, that was Jon West-the inspiration. I'm gonna miss you pal.

Jon West    January 12, 1970 - March 11, 2016    Rest in Peace brother.

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On Thursday, April 07, 2016, Bill Gokey wrote:
Having been out with you a few times with my family: Daughter Jenny, sons Tate & Mateo & princess Tiara, All who lost their Husband / Dad to cancer at a very young 42, I guess I can say " I feel your pain of loss. It burns a hole through your center that is indescribable. However we are very happy to say that your charters brought some happiness back to them.
Hope to return to St. Pete's again soon. Tate has turned into a great young teen with an uncanny fishing ability.
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