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Loss of a Legend part 3

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Loss of a Legend part 3

I guess you could say in my world, my fishing world, the Fall season of 2010 was the start of a new era. Fishing side by side with Jon West, on a daily basis, was somewhere I never imagined finding myself...but certainly welcomed the experience.

Jon's ability to make every fishing trip, and every charter client, feel like it's tournament day was unique. It wasn't his willingness to get up early early in the morning, or his dedication to a cold wet cast net that would eventually jam pack 2-35 gallon baitwells, that made Jon so special, nope...it was what was constantly going on in that man's brain. Drive for success! I suppose if everyone thought this way the world would be a better place.

Fun fishing with St.Pete Beach family vacationers, Sport fishing for Kings, AJs and Permit, wading along the Mangroves that outline Tampa Bay catching small crabs for those Permit...that was my life with Jon West. Did I mention catching giant Groupers, Kings and a bonus Sailfish-with my brother Kevin on board, or an incredible fishing trip with Les Claypool and Primus-with my nephew Kevin Jr. on board or just chillin with JW and wife Christine at their many wonderful 'backyard rock shows'.

I can say this about the Jon West experience, you will never find a man surrounded by so many people that look up to him and love him so much. Besides all of the fishing captains and writers and photogs, Jon introduced my wife and family to a whole new world of great people. Thank you Jon, and thank you Christine you will always be in our hearts.

....to steal a quote from one of Jon's good friends, "if Jon were a tree, he would be a very big tree, with roots so very deep and dedicated....and giant limbs that reach so very high to the sky."

Please check in later for a final remembrance of Jon West, as seen thru my personal thoughts and memories. Happy catching folks, Capt.Dan

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