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Loss of a Legend part 2

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Loss of a Legend part 2

In October of 2010 Jawbreaker fishing charters was almost 7 years old, and about to be taken to the next level...compliments of Jon West.

After placing an ad on Craigslist, looking for 'an experienced deckhand for a charter fishing operation' that 'must be able to open a 12 foot cast net consistently', I received about 35 replies on just the first day. I got everything from 'I've always wanted to work on a fishing boat' to 'I can't throw a cast net but...' however, one reply clearly stood out, just by name alone.  Sent from: JON WEST   subject: I'm your man!  message: I can throw a 14 footer if you got one, call me man. JW

After finally getting up the nerve, I called Jon and explained to him that I could not hire him, yep the ole' "your too experienced for the job, I'm sorry" but he wasn't having it and within days we were chumming around like old pals that have been fishing together for decades. It seemed surreal at the time but looking back I realize that was the way Jon made people feel..welcome! Aside from being a 'King of Fishermen' he was a King of Hosts too.

The first time Jon and I fished together on the Jawbreaker was one to be remembered. Just the two of us, fishing the beach and getting aquainted. I listened to and watched Jon's techniques, as I would be doing for the following 2 years, and though I had been running a successful charter service for years before that day-I may as well have been sitting in on a fishing seminar being held on my own boat. Besides having a very successful day with many nice Kings being pulled over the rails, Jon West offered to do a write up for the Jawbreaker website...I was on cloud 9.

Please visit our 'fishing reports', scroll back to 10/26/2010 and enjoy that day as written about by Jon West. Happy fishing folks....and stay tuned. Capt. Dan

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