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Last minute Red Grouper grab

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last minute Red Grouper grab

Red Grouper have been "over-fished", once again, and because of this the National Marine Fishery Service have closed Red Grouper to harvest for recreational anglers starting Oct.8. Well, at least commercial fishing for this species is still on, after all, those guys do have to make a living, right? Okay, stepping down off the soapbox.

Last Wednesday's 6 hour fishing charter out of St. Pete Beach was all about Grouper fishing, and Reds were on the list! As a matter-of-fact, we had a young man on board that had never caught a Grouper and proclaimed it to be a 'bucket list' item. That's right, another bucket list request...fulfilled!

Bob Kovatch came down through the heavily flooded Carolina coast just to take a shot at a tangle with one of these tasty bottom dwellers. Having fished all over the world, literally, for hundreds of species, Bob had never experienced bottom fishing for Grouper...go figure. Well, that's where Jawbreaker fishing charters comes in. We were able to put Bob and his crew on the nest! Check out Bob, above, with not only his first Grouper ever, but the first one to hit the ice box that day...way to go Bob!

And it went just like that folks, with 4 fat Red Grouper(like the one above) and a 15 pound Gag in the box it was time to head back to the seafood shack and get this griddle going! Another fun and successful fishing trip and everyone goes home happy. Thanks again Bob, glad we could be a part of your illustrious fishing career. Happy fishing folks, Capt Dan

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