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Kings of the Beach

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Kings of the Beach

Well, we didn't exactly earn that title this time around, but it would seem to be a good fit after the last 6 weeks of absolute King fish bliss...on the beach! And this fishing charter was no different, hosting a couple of fine fellows straight out of Sweden. Yes sir, Patrick Polare and shipmate, Craig, got a little taste of what we sometimes take for granted, fishing the great Gulf of Mexico for trophy fish...and finding success!

We started our journey by heading offshore to a secret little shipwreck, about 10 miles out, and felt like we were in a washing machine instead of a fishing boat. Seas were less than 4 feet, but even the saltiest of Gulf coast fishermen know that it can be a real challenge to even stand up in the confused seas that we often find ourselves. After a few Spanish mackerel and a Barracuda in the 10 pound range we were joined by another boat that didn't seem to mind running circles around us and basically messing up our live-bait trolling efforts...oh well, guess it's not such a secret little wreck afterall. Time to go, ding ding!

I made the call to run all the way back in to the beach and set up shop, and it turned out to be a good call. We joined a dozen other boats, seeking shelter from the 15-20 knot Easterly breeze, and got right to it-deploying a spread of live baits and getting hooked up almost as soon as the last bait was out...Fish on!! Patrick took the rod and battled his first King fish to the gaff, tight work man. Check him out(above)with his biggest fish to date.

After 3 more Kings were boated, and these boys clearly had their fill, it was time to motor back to the barn and have a cold adult beverage with the boys from Sweden. You gotta love beach fishing for big fish, especially King fish, folks-it truly does not get any better than this. Happy fishing to ya, Capt.Dan

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