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Just what the Doctors ordered

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just what the Doctors ordered

Everyone deserves to take a break from their professional life and just go fishing, well that's exactly what Drs. Amy and Jay Menon of St.Petersburg did...and they did it Jawbreaker style!!..Yes sir, these fine folks were brand new to the Sport fishing thing last week, but this week is a whole different story. After an action-filled 4-hour fishing charter with Macks, Jacks, Bonitos and Cudas all making a strong showing, this dynamic doctor duo have a new skill to add to the ole' resume'...experienced sea monster anglers.

Like I always say, it's not about the fish as much as it's about the people, and again our crew was blessed with another awesome set of anglers with the most important asset...great attitudes! I believe this display of a 'winning' attitude is what produces fish, really. The Menons' approached the day not even sure what to expect, but also not expecting anything, except a boat ride. Well, beautiful blue skies and a nice Northeast breeze was the perfect setting for a day of line screaming action, and I believe our new friends had found what they were looking for. Check out Jay and Amy Menon with one of several giant Barracudas caught that day...tight work guys!

Right now the Spanish mackerel are starting to show up in good sizes and numbers... and the Kings won't be too far behind them. Expect the first cold front of the season to approach our area within the next 4 weeks and it will be 'game on' from there. Add 25,000 Stone Crab traps to the Gulf Coast(October 5th) and you have the biggest chumline known to man, just bringing them in. I can't wait, neither can the Menons...loking forward to the next one friends. Happy fishing, Capt. Dan

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