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Hog fishing madness in Tampa Bay

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hog fishing madness in Tampa Bay

With Summertime temps hanging in the mid-90's, and water temps hovering around 90 degrees...fishing has been hot, hot, hot! Spanish mackerel are starting to make a strong showing, along with Bonitos, Barracudas and Sharks. It's not uncommon to cross paths with a Cobia these days either. We are also seeing many juvenile Kingfish in the mix as well, gonna be a good Kingfish season for sure!

This past weekend Jawbreaker fishing charters hosted a group of hard working individuals on a path to freedom...Ben Willis, Craig, James, Mike, Kevin and Matt are part of a very special fellowship with direction. Their direction on this particular fishing trip was all about filling the fish box though, and I can personally testify that their goal was reached. Big Spanish mackerel, Bonitos and the evasive Cudas ruled the first part of our adventure and everyone was digging it, and with an easy 2 dozen Macks in the box it was time to move on to the bottom fishing grounds.

I really didn't expect the bottom bite to be as good as it was and these boys got down to business in a hurry. Giant grey snappers, Lane snappers, Porgies, Seabass and the prize targeted Hogfish all made their way into the slurry. Looks like somebody has dinner plans...the best of the best, fishing the glorious Gulf of Mexico. After several hours and 6 sets of sore arms it was time to head back to the barn...and let the stories begin! Check out Kevin with his back-to-back jumbo Hogfish. Tight work Kev...you rocked the Hogs indeed!

Jawbreaker Fishing Charters has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2003....making friends, making memories. Come see why our list of repeat customers keeps getting longer. Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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