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Happy clients happy Cappy

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy clients happy Cappy

When a guy gets on my charter boat with a special request...and then we make it happen, well let me tell you there is no better feeling, but to make that dream come true 5 times on a 4 hour fishing charter, that's just blissful! However, that is exactly what Craig Blanchard and crew got on a recent half day fishing excursion into the beautiful blue Gulf of Mexico.

Craig, along with wife, Diane, and friends from my hometown of Syracuse,NY, Luc and Dani, had a bang em' up time on the Jawbreaker indeed. Starting out with the Spanish mackerel and Bonito show, the fishing was stellar..I'm sure the great attitudes of our clients had allot to do with the success, it always does. There seems to be no shortage of big macks running the nearshore/offshore waters of St.Pete Beach and in little time we a had a load for the smoker and a running start for the main event.

Moving out to a string of shipwrecks and reefs just 5 to 10 miles offshore and getting some big baits into the water was all it took. Within minutes of reaching the first spot Craig's great hope was becoming a reality as he had a beast on the other end of the line...gotta love this biz!...15 minutes later photographic eveidence was taken and we were back on the trail of another ruthless aggressor. Check out Craig and Diane with the first of 5 Cudas caught that day.

No, it didn't end there...everyone had a tussle with the beast and Dani even fought 2...you go girl! This was definetly not Dani's first rodeo, this chick knows how to fish(pardon the expression)! Probably helped having a charter capt. for a dad...hello! Either way, Craig, Diane, Luc and Dani made a great fishing team and should be thinking of going pro. Maybe a go at the 'King of the Beach' in November?

Anyway, at the end of the day everyone left with a big toothy grin of their own as fishing success was had once again, and happy clients(now turned friends) make an even happier charter boat captain..thanks guys, looking forward to going for the crown this Fall. Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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