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Floundering around on the Jawbreaker

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Floundering around on the Jawbreaker

Things are busy busy busy in the Tampa Bay charter fishing scene. Most Tampa/St.Pete fishing guides are fishing daily, and the bite could not be any better. And although we have been meeting lots of new people, and catching lots of fish, it is next to impossible to write a story about every trip we take out. So, with that being said, if you have been out fishing on the Jawbreaker recently, and don't see a write-up- check out the photo gallery for you and your peeps in action.

We did take a few family members out for a 'fun fishing' day on the water, which we rarely get the chance to do. Okay, I may be a bit biased because, after all, it is family-but it was the unusual catch that earned the little bit of extra time that I do have, to make this report official. Yep, my first mate, and friend, Jon had his uncle Ken in town from Michigan, and Ken loves to fish...perfect!, I just happen to have a couple of nephews that would make great mates-in-training, so I invited Kevin Barry Jr. and Jake Gauthier to come along,...and learn how to sling a 12-foot cast net...pro style!!...

We started out with Jon putting on a seminar for the young lads(and uncle Ken) by catching a boat load of lively whitebaits...and making it look easy. I was already feeling the tingle of good things to come, and I was right. Once we made our way out to the reef, and got on the hook, we had fish busting the surface and putting on the aerial shows that we have become somewhat accustomed to lately. Kingfish, big Bonitos and Spanish mackerel were keeping the guys busy when we had a special visitor appear on one of the bottom rigs...Flounder!! Hell Yes!!..Such a pretty fish, a decent fighter...and one of the tastiest fishes in the sea, hands down. Well, Jon's keen sense had him now rigging a few special rods for the 'flatties', and the fish fell for it. 21 Flounder later and we felt like we just stepped through a 'worm hole' ,and the dimensions of the universe were changing...okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but we were really happy. And I can tell you this-I can't remember ever catching more than 3 or 4 Flounder in a single outing, on the Gulf of Mexico...today must have been a fluke...haha, get it? Fluke?..

Once again, both knowledge and perseverance bring good times, and great eats, to the Jawbreaker crew. I know uncle Ken had a great time, and I will always remember him getting his ass handed to him by a 12-pound Bonito, on 8-pound test...not easy, huh Ken? Kevin and Jake, I love you guys and hope you stick with it! May good times and big fish fill your future...Happy fishing, Capt.Dan

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