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Fishers of men

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fishers of men

That's one way to describe our faithful crew from a recent fishing charter out of sunny St.Petersburg, Florida. Just a bunch of really good guys enjoying an awesome day of fishing would be another. This trip, however, was very special for a myriad of reasons...the first being that my brother-in-law, Kevin Brennan, was on board. Yeah, he and his crew of Will, Pastor Scott, Dale, Dick and Keith were in for a wild ride of non-stop fishing action, and they didn't even know it yet!

The occasion for this particular outing was in honor of Will Murphy, a man getting ready for a great adventure, a guy preparing for a new life and a person who will never be the same again. That's right, Will is getting hitched..tying the 'ole knot..polishing up the ball and chain...oops, forget the last one. Really, I am sure that Will knows the secret already..but let's just say 'marriage is what you make it buddy!', good luck, and on a serious note...did I mention that fishing was off the chain that day?

Yes sir, our target was good eating fish fresh from the Gulf, with Hog Snapper being the ultimate goal. I gotta say these guys were on top of it from the very start, and Kevin, m.v.p. with the first 3 Hogs in the icebox, was showing the boys how to turn the handle on these aggressive beauties. Way to go Kev! The action was so fast and steady that very few pics were taken, otherwise we would have a dozen similar to the one shown above. Check out(left to right) Dick, Brad, Keith and Pastor Scott with 1 of 12 nice Hogfish captured that day. Along with a box full of Grey snappers and Lanes, I'd say these boys were satisfied...and tired! Good fishing, Great times!!..

A very special thank you goes out to Pastor Scott Harris for his offering of prayer before and after what turned out to be a very blessed occasion indeed. Thank you Scott and God bless you!

Jawbreaker fishing charters folks...there's only one!! Give us a call today and book your next great memory with us. Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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