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Feeding frenzy offshore St Petersburg

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Feeding frenzy offshore St Petersburg

What can I say about deep sea fishing with my brother from another mother, James Seifert? How about, oh god here we go again! That's right, the dynamic duo, Scott Dolls and wild man, James Seifert made their way back to the Jawbreaker for some more offshore deep sea fishing madness. This time they brought along a new victim...uh, I mean co-worker and friend, Greg Thibodeuax.

With the warm waters just getting warmer everyday, bottom fishing for Grouper has been a bit slow in the shallow, nearshore waters offshore St.Pete Beach, but fear not, there is always some type of toothy critter looking for a free meal out there. Sharks, mackerel and Barracuda just to name a few.

We started out by catching some nice Spanish mackerels on the St.Pete Reef, and after 20 minutes of watching 'jumping' James bounce around the deck of the boat like a pinball in a busy arcade, it was time to go feed the monsters. Yum, fresh mackerels and a few giant blue runners should get it done.

As we arrived at our favorite little Cuda hole, all the signs of life were there to greet us. Seagulls swarming, Pelicans pouncing and mackerel mayhem in every direction you looked, you could just feel the excitement that was about to unfold. Huh James? And it did...we had the Barracudas in an absolute frenzy and the boys had their hands full for what seemed like hours, uh, now that I recall. Anyway, you get the picture, and I think our newcomer, Greg, will be back with the duo next time. Check out the Jamester with the last of 6 Cudas brought boat side. Tight work buddy!

Once again Jawbreaker fishing charters comes through for some special clients-turned-friends...and in James' case..very 'special'. Thanks again Scott for bringing the mayhem once again, and for being so good to us...you guys are golden! Until next time, Happy fishing folks! Capt.Dan

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