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Big fish happy clients

Friday, October 31, 2014

Big fish happy clients

Sport fishing offshore John's Pass has been on fire, as a matter of fact, fishing anywhere in the Tampa Bay area has been hot lately. Just ask repeat client and freind, Tate Isles, our future Captain and fishing fanatic. That's right, we met young Tate and his family last year and attempted to catch a sea monster nearshore. Because of high winds we only had the option of fishing the beach, and after several missed chances the big ones got away...that day!

Well, fast forward to October 2014 and our crew of Bill,Norma,Jennifer,Tate,Tiara and Matteo were greeted by nothing but perfect weather and even better fishing conditions. Trolling through massive flocks of Gulls, diving on schools of glass minnows, offered up some of the biggest Spanish mackerel we have ever seen. Tate, Tiara and Matteo made light work of it, even though these fish were not 'light'. I'm talking 30" macks in the 7 pound class!!..might not sound big to you, but to those who know the difference...huh Tate?

Moving out to the offshore reefs like the SPR and South County was next on the list. We have been having a banner Barracuda bite and I wanted to make sure we could redeem ourselves from last years bait theives. As soon as we could get a live mackerel in the spread-it was on...the water exploded and we had a massive Cuda on the line. Grandpa Bill took charge and after a 20 minute battle-made his family proud, way to go Pop! Check out another proud crew on the Jawbreaker. Of course, Tate followed up with another giant Barracuda weighing in at about 40 pounds! Tight work kid.

Once again, we enjoyed special times with special people on the offshore waters of West Central Florida, and whats even better-I have a feeling that we will see them again, on the Jawbreaker...catching big fish! Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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