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Big fish fishing out of Johns Pass

Monday, June 22, 2015

Big fish fishing out of Johns Pass

Just 9 miles out of John's Pass on Madeira Beach, Florida is home to some world-class sportfishing, and Jawbreaker fishing charters have made a career out of showing good folks like the Frates all about it!

I have to admit that I have made mistakes, we all have, right? But this past Friday's 4 hour fishing charter found me offshore 'Fish Famous John's Pass' scratching my head and asking first-mate, Will, 'what do you mean we left the bait sitting on the dock?' As a charter Captain, I have been challenged before-many many times in fact-but good Lord, really? Do I run all the way back to the dock? No. Do we just go for the gusto and let Mother Nature be our guide? Absolutely Yes!!

David Frate was all about seeing his son, Daniel, catch fish-no pressure, no special requests(or demands), no stories about grander Marlin off the coast of Hawaii last week and now we're here...ha ha, had to throw that one in there. Nope, just want to see the young man catch a few fish..that's all. So, screw the Sardines, Threadfins and Squid sitting back there on the dock,who needs Grouper and Snapper fishing? let's mix it up a bit...we can make this happen with a few shiny spoons and some live Blue Runners, I think.

Well, it turns out that the Spanish mackerel were on fire just a couple of miles off the beach, and the bite only got better the further out we went. After collecting a few nice 'macks' it was time to tame the beast. Trolling big Mackerel and giant blue runners was the trick. Check out Daniel Frate with a giant Cuda caught just 9 miles out of Johns Pass, good job kid! Oh, it also turns out that young Daniel was hoping for his first Barracuda that day...go figure, oh and these guys fish all over the world i.e. Marlin fishing out of Cabo, etc.

Artificial reefs like the TI, Mad Beach reef and the StPete reef are all starting to hold good numbers of hungry Barracuda. If you ever wanted a shot at a toothy beast like the Barracuda-now is the time. Call Jawbreaker fishing charters today and Happy fishing folks. Capt.Dan

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