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Big fish fishing from St Pete Beach again

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Big fish fishing from St Pete Beach again

Well, I can't name any names, but somebody played 'hooky' on Monday, and booked a fishing charter on St.Pete Beach...instead of going into another mundane day at the office, All I can say is, J(that is what we will call the mystery guy), you made the right decision!!...

J, and his crew, E, D, B, K and M had a fantastic day on the Jawbreaker, and definitely hooked the big ones. It almost sounds like a song out of a Mel Bay instructional book on how to play guitar. Anyway, E caught a monster Amberjack, and beat his old 'biggest fish' record by at least 25- 30 pounds. Check him out above,..somebody is having a good day, eh? But wait, besides the Amberjack, 'keeper-size' Gag Groupers, Scamp, Spanish mackerels, Bonitos, Snappers and Flounders, 'mystery guy'-J- caught one big-ass 30+pound Cobia, on 15-pound test...and wouldn't have his picture taken, for fear of being found out back at the office. Oh well, B was right there for the photo op. Check him and the others out in the Jawbreaker photo gallery.

Another great day, with great people, making great memories...Jawbreaker style!...Happy fishing folks, Capt.Dan

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On Tuesday, April 03, 2012, Erle Whitecotton wrote:
Thanks,fellas for a memorable day.The fishing was the highlight of our vacation. We really noticed the expertise and how hard you 2 guys worked to ensure our group had a good day on the water.I especially am grateful for your help & coaching so we could get that amberjack in the boat.Being able to share that experience with our friends and my wife Debby & daughter Kate made for a really special day.I'll think of this day often.I hope to get back someday. Erle Whitecotton
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