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Back in Tampa Bay for a hot King fish bite

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back in Tampa Bay for a hot King fish bite

The last time we met, Bob Kovatch and crew had a bang 'em up time on the Jawbreaker fishing vessel-fishing for Grouper just a few miles West of St.Pete Beach. It was a bucket list item, for Bob...fulfilled!(read story in 'fishing reports' 10/14/2015) "I'll be back next year to fish with you Capt.Dan, and I want to catch a King fish", Bob said. Obviously this was another species that the man has never fished for, and trust me..theres not many that have escaped him.

Well, fast forward to present times and our world traveling fishing fanatic fellow, Bob Kovatch, is back with his crew...ready for some Kings! And the fish responded well.

A quick stop at the Pass-a-grille marker and a pro class seminar on throwing a cast net, Brad loaded the livewell with sardines and threadfins in one throw and we were off...to the Egmont shipping channel for some rod bending action! Another few jiggles of the sabikis put 2 dozen fresh Spanish sardines in the well and it was instant gratification, again, as soon as the first rigged up sardine hit the water it was all about..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, reel reel reel, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ reel reel reel!!!!....you probably get what I'm trying to illustrate. Bob was far from falling asleep, or snoring, and the King fish at the end of the line was a good one, a 20# true 'smoker'.

The Kovatch crew(pictured above) pretty much fell in to line and tussled with King fish after King fish for the next few hours, until everyone was celebrating sore arms and good times, once again...on the Jawbreaker!!..Thanks again Bob, I am very much looking forward to the next one! Happy fishing, Capt.Dan


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