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Amazon grace

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amazon grace

Yes siree we get folks from all over the world that are looking for a great fishing experience here on our beautiful St.Pete Beach, and Jawbreaker fishing charters is here to help. Summer is approaching fast and the fishing is getting hotter by the day, huh Henry?

My new buddy Henry Gaucens from Plant City had a few fellow workers in town and decided to show them a good time on the water. All the way from the Amazon, these guys were serious about catching fish...and they wanted 'meat'. Well, with the short time that we had to get it done-off we went to pick through the endangered Gag Groupers in shallow water and hope to bag a few Reds along the way, oh and the almighty grunt...little fish big taste! The fishing was good and aside from having to throw back a dozen heartbreak Gag Grouper, the guys managed to put some decent meat on the table...check out Joshua with the results...great job guys.

Jawbreaker fishing charters is now accepting new clients, call today and find out why over 70% of our business is repeat customers and referrals. Happy fishing, Capt.Dan

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