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Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. offers you a wide range of custom fishing charters. If you are looking for a 4-6-8-10 hour fishing trip, we've got you covered. If you are looking for Grouper, Snapper, Kingfish, Sharks, Tarpon, Cobia etc., we've got you covered. Do you want to target several different saltwater species in one day? Did you book a 4-hour trip and may want to extend it? Do you have a special request? Tell us what you want out of your next fishing charter and we will do our very best to make it happen!

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Grouper Fishing Charters

nice fat grouperGrouper “digging” or bottom fishing for Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico is the most common method for catching these fine tasting fighters. Using a combination of both frisky live bait fish and stinky cut bait, the Grouper is unable to resist his natural instinct to eat. Although trolling big-lipped plugs or various other lures will bring the big fish to the boat, trolling seems to produce better in the winter months, for our region, but has its limitations. The majority of our Grouper fishing charters focus on the bottom fishing method. We like to use medium to heavy action fishing rods with an open-style conventional reel, usually loaded with 50# line or heavier. This way the angler has a better chance of digging a big Grouper out of the rocky bottom. These fish do not give up easily, if you show any sign of weakness during the fight, you will lose! Have no fear, all Jawbreaker fishing charters come complete with fishing lessons if needed.

Grouper are not the only fish to expect on a Grouper fishing charter. There is a wide variety of other reef fish that could surpass the Grouper in both fight and table fare. Take the Mangrove Snapper, pound for pound, one of the hardest fighting by far and one of the tastiest reef dwellers the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

How about the Cobia? A tangle with one of these brown-colored bruisers is sure to leave you with a set of sore arms. Cobia can show up almost anytime, anywhere, while Grouper fishing. As food value, you have never had smoked fish until you have tried smoked Cobia.

Other reef fish commonly caught on a Grouper charter might include Snapper, Sharks, Amberjack, Trigger fish, Sea Bass, Flounder and the list goes on. It would be a rare occurrence for one of our Grouper fishing charters to come back to the dock with only Grouper in the fish box. Keep in mind that many of these other species may be seasonal. Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. abides by all federal, state and local laws regarding size and bag limitations.

Jawbreaker Fishing Charters offers Grouper trips year-round. This is the beauty of fishing in Tampa Bay, and especially the Gulf of Mexico, it's the world's largest Grouper fishery. Grouper are seasonal and tend to migrate to specific depths as water temperatures change. The rule of thumb is, as the waters cool, fish shallow and in the heat of the summer, fish deep. Call us for your next Grouper fishing charter and we will arrange the best opportunity for you to catch the big one!  


Kingfishing Charters

King Fishing Charters In Tampa

Commonly known as “Kingfish”, the King Mackerel is definitely one of the most sought after game fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Each year Kingfishing tournaments generate millions of dollars in Florida alone. Known especially for their aggressive strike and lightning quick runs, this magnificent fish is a challenge for even the most experienced angler. With a set of razor-sharp teeth that can sometimes cut through the required steel leader and a tailfin that can quickly “tail whip” the 20lb. test main line, it is common to lose as many fish as you actually catch. Slow trolling with live bait, using light to medium fishing gear, is one of the most popular methods for catching Kings, especially among tournament anglers. Live bait will produce big Kingfish, and the bigger the bait, the bigger the King.

There are other methods for catching Kingfish, and lots of them. Fast trolling “hardware” such as planers and spoons, plugs or lures is another method used to catch the King. Dragging spoons at 5-7 knots allows for more area to be covered in a shorter time frame. Once a “hot spot” is found, it is normal to reach the legal bag limit of Kingfish in less than an hour.

Another method, and probably my favorite, is kite-fishing. That’s right, go fly a kite and fish for Kingfish at the same time! These are special kites used with release clips attached to the “kite line”. The main fishing line goes up to the kite line and then down to the water below where the bait is virtually suspended near the water surface. This method usually provides a show of Kingfish busting the surface and sometimes going aerial, before the dramatic runs that Kings are known for. Kite-fishing does have its limitations and is mainly practiced while tournament fishing. Our Kingfishing charters use all methods mentioned above and then some. More often than not, however, we like to troll as it typically covers more ground and produces more fish.

Just as in Grouper fishing, you should expect to catch numerous different species other than Kingfish on one of our Kingfishing charters. As a matter of fact, some methods, like fast trolling, will produce a great number of Spanish Mackerel in a hurry. Spanish Mackerel are sure to be anywhere that you are catching Kingfish, but Kings are not necessarily going to be everywhere that you are catching Spanish “macks”. This is why covering lots of ground is important. Spanish mackerel as a by-catch is not a bad problem to have. Both King and Spanish mackerel make very good table fare. Although they are known to be an oily fish, if you bleed and immediately ice it down, this is some of the best tasting fish on the market.

Another species that will sometimes make the show up is the Cobia. This guy, as mentioned on the Grouper Fishing Charters, can and will show up when you least expect him. Some of the biggest Cobia we have caught were caught while on a Kingfishing charter. We even landed a 59lb. Cobia, which was in a Kingfish tournament! On a side note, we also won first place in the same tournament with only a 25lb. King. Anyways, you get the picture on the Cobia. Other species that may show up on a Kingfishing charter could include Amberjack, Sharks, Barracuda, Bonito, Grouper…yes, Grouper, and the list goes on.

If we at Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. had our way, we would offer Kingfishing charters year-round. Unfortunately, Kings are quite sensitive to water temperature and usually require temps in the 70-80 degree range to “school” up. The good thing is that we get two Kingfishing seasons each year. The best times of year to plan a Kingfishing charter would be between March and June and again October through December. Each year is slightly different with weather patterns and Kingfish can show up early, and sometimes they will hang out all summer long. Water temperature is key. Call us about your next Kingfishing charter, we will know where, when and how to put you on the King of a lifetime!


Shark Fishing Charters

Nice Blacktip Shark on light tackle

What makes a Shark tick? This beautiful fish has passed the test of time. In existence for millions of years, the Shark has proven that his strength and ferocity goes unmatched. There is one species though that can conquer the mighty Shark…Man! A note for the PETA fans, at Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. we encourage the catch and release of these wonderful fish. Though Sharks can be found in bodies of water all over the globe, the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay waters are prime hunting grounds.

As a teen, my friends and I would fish all of the local beaches, piers and bridges for Sharks. Now we fish from a boat, but we use the same approach. Chum, chum, chum and then when you get done with that, chum some more. That, and use big, bloody baits. Fishing for Sharks usually requires very heavy fishing gear as well. Heavy broomstick-like rods and a large open faced reel with at least 130lb. test main line is a good way to start when looking for a big Shark. That does not mean that a big Shark, hooked just right, cannot be brought boat side on light tackle. It is common to catch Sharks, both big and small, on all of our charters not just Shark fishing charters.

Like a Grouper or Kingfishing charter, a Shark fishing charter usually yields many other different species such as Goliath Grouper aka Jewfish, Stingrays, Barracuda, Kingfish, Grouper and don’t look now, here comes that Cobia again. Yes, and Cobia!

Shark fishing at night may have its benefits, but my experience tells me that a Shark is just as eager to eat in the day as he is at night. Most of our Shark fishing charters take place during the day as it allows for a chance to catch other sought after species in addition to Sharks. Our shark fishing charters also take place in various depths and distances from shore. It may not sit too well with the local beach bather, but some of the bigger Sharks can be found just a stones throw from the shoreline, then there are certain species that can only be reached in depths of 100 feet and beyond. Shark species common to the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding Tampa Bay waters would include the Nurse Shark, Black Tip Shark, Lemon Shark, Bull Shark, Mako Shark, Tiger Shark and so on. Let’s just say that our fishery in Tampa Bay does not have a shortage of Sharks.

The best time to go looking for Sharks is in the warmer months for our region. However, it is never a surprise to see a Shark eat our baits while Grouper fishing deeper water in the dead of winter. Remember, our “dead of winter” is a bit different than most regions, here on the beautiful sun coast of Florida. Either way, when you are ready to step into the ring with “Jaws”, give the Jawbreaker a call and let us give you the best advantage for a knock out punch! As stated above, Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. encourages catch and release when Shark fishing and will not kill a Shark just for his fins or jaws.


Sight Fishing Charters

Tarpon Fishing Charters In Tampa

Just imagine this, its 6 a.m. and you are perched up in the tower of the Jawbreaker, idling up the beach not even 100 feet from where the surf meets the sand and you see it. About a quarter of a mile to the North, is a “daisy chain”. A school of Tarpon in some ritualistic, circling motion, slowly drifting your way. Cut the engine, the sun is just barely starting to color the sky and the fish are moving closer. The water is calm, we drop a dead Shad on the bottom with some lead, cast a couple big Pinfish under corks in different directions, and then throw a giant Threadfin into the mix. Well, the last bait in the water must have hit the silver king right on the forehead, because we're only two seconds in and we witness a Penn 850ss spinning reel just about turn into molten aluminum.

Welcome to Sight fishing for Tarpon on the West Central Coast of Florida. There are other methods for catching Tarpon, but cruising the beach looking for them is the fastest way to get on the big one. Tampa Bay and the local beaches of the Gulf of Mexico provide for some of the best Tarpon fishing in the world. Although these fish, like many others, tend to be on the finicky side, multiple hook-ups or “flying” a Tarpon several times in a day can be expected.

Sight fishing charters don’t just mean looking for and catching Tarpon. Our rich waters offer many species that are best found by physically looking for them. One fish that comes to mind is the Tripletail. Usually found while searching for Tarpon, this pre-historic looking fish is not only delicious to eat but incredibly easy to catch once found. Most boaters cruising the Gulf Coast beaches pass right by the Triple tail, never even seeing them. Usually clinging to floating debris or hanging out with one of the many thousands of crab trap buoys that dot the Pinellas coast, this fish can take on the appearance of seaweed or flotsam. Unless you are looking specifically for Tripletail, you will probably never see one.

Another fish that is targeted by sight fishing is the Cobia. Like the Triple tail, Cobia can be found circling almost any permanent structure in and around the waters of Tampa Bay and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Cobia are one of my all-time favorites. These fish, like Tripletail, are quite easy to catch once found. Simply pitching a crab or a pinfish at the Cobia is usually about all it takes. This is a fish that is well known for its appetite and inability to turn away a “free lunch”. Oh, Cobia almost always come in numbers. Having several baits ready to go can equal multiple hook-ups. Again, like Triple tail, Cobia is delicious. Most of the Cobia that we catch on our Sight fishing charters are in the 15-25lb. range, however, we have boated some monsters well over the 50lb. mark. I have seen Cobia caught in the Tampa Bay area in the 90lb. range, a trophy catch for sure!

In a typical year, Tarpon will start to migrate from the south in April and usually are targeted through the summer months in the Tampa Bay area. Cobia and Tripletail can show themselves almost any time of year, but are most prevalent in the summer and fall months. Because this time of year also offers great mackerel and Shark fishing, targeting multiple species in one day is the normal scenario. Many of these fish are very close to the area beaches which requires less travel, which in turn means more fishing time. Sight fishing along St. Pete Beach, John’s Pass, Indian Rocks Beach etc. is a great way to spend a summer day. With the blue-green waters and the white sandy beaches surrounding you, the Tampa Bay waters and Gulf of Mexico are a paradise to be seen by all. Florida summers are like no others.  So whether its Tarpon, Cobia, Triple tail, Sharks or mackerel you seek, give Jawbreaker fishing charters a call. We will set you up with best times and conditions to catch that trophy fish of your own!


Tournament Fishing

Capt.Dan with a winning Kingfish!

Ready to jump onto the tournament trail? Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. is tournament tested and proven. Tampa Bay, Clearwater beach and John's Pass fishing village are home to some of the biggest and best sport fishing tournaments in West Central Florida. Of these different sport fishing competitions, Kingfishing tournaments are definitely the most popular in our region. With dozens of Kingfishing tournaments each season, literally millions of dollars are generated because of this favorite past-time passion.

The competition is tough here in the Tampa Bay area. You have to have both skill and luck to even place in one of these very crowded events. The Jawbreaker fishing team is proud to have 3 first-place wins under our belt, and many other respectable showings over the years. Enter your chance to win the next "main event" when you book a tournament fishing charter with the Jawbreaker. Call Today!

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