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Although we specialize in all types of fishing charters in the Tampa Bay area, we also offer many other services. Some of these services include charter fishing of course, tournament fishing, sightseeing & dolphin watching, private memorials & private ash spreading, offshore closings, weddings, marine research and any private ventures you may be interested in!

If you have any questions about the services that we offer, or if we can do something special for you- Call us today at (727) 432-0422!

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Kingfish charterIt says it right in our name-Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc.- and fishing charters are what we do best! Our services include the popular 4-6-8-hour charter trips, as well as any special request that you may have. Tell us what you want out of your next Florida fishing charter and we will provide.

Do you want to target a specific type of saltwater sport fish for trophy? Call us today and tell us. Do you want to target multiple gamefish in one day.... and take home dinner? Call now and let us put a charter fishing trip together for you. Whether you are planning your next family vacation fishing trip, or the next corporate event for your clients-we are here to serve you! 

Jawbreaker fishing charters offers top quality fishing gear and top quality service. Don't get beat up on some 25ft. center console fishing boat with some, fly-by-night, part-time (i really have a roofing business) so called charter fishing captain, no offense to roofers! You get the idea....Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc.-it's in our name and it's what we do best....fishing charters!

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Sightseeing & Dolphin Watching

DolphinsSit back and relax. Let's take a cruise, and take in some of the beautiful sights that Tampa Bay has to offer. Experience the local beaches of Pass-a-Grille, St. Petersburg Beach, John's Pass, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach and Clearwater Beach in a different perspective. The Tampa Bay area, virtually shrouded with tiny mangrove islands, is a nature lover's paradise. Bring your video camera and capture Florida's unique beauty. Watch dolphins playfully entertain and view literally hundreds of different bird species native to Pinellas County and the West Central region of Florida. This can be a nature cruise like no other.

Maybe you just want to see some of the awesome waterfront realty in our coastal community. We can show you homes of the 'rich and famous'. Check out the local waterside bars and restaurants, we wait while you party! We provide the coolest, safest, on-the-water taxi service in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg Beach and Clearwater Beach areas. Book a private sightseeing charter with us today and cruise in style! *Please call for rates.


Private Memorials & Private Ash Spreading

Florida sunset"...I have reached the sunset of my existence on this blessed earth, and now I wish to be laid to rest where my heart has always lived....at sea."

Our list of private charter boat services include one that is very close to my heart, private memorials or private ash spreading. If you have lost a friend or family member that had requested this as their final way to be laid to rest, we want to be your guide. Please feel free to call us anytime for specific arrangements. We are here to help you. Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. performs offshore ash spreading in accordance with U.S.C.G. laws and regulations.  


Offshore Closings

Offshore closingsJawbreaker Charters Inc. is a vessel-for-hire. We currently serve Tampa and the Tampa Bay area; including Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Orlando. One of the many services that we provide include corporate offshore closings. By law, many of of these legal events require document signings to happen outside of the state(of Florida), or in Federal waters(beyond 9 nautical miles of the line of demarcation). What better way to do that than on board our custom 34ft. sport fishing vessel?

Fast and comfortable, the Jawbreaker has enough space to be your office away from the office. Not to mention, our office has a splendid view...in every direction. Call on us for your next offshore corporate event. We will provide latitude/longitude coordinates upon actual document signing. Captain Dan Barry is a Florida public notary. 



Beach wedding"Life has no singular meaning, so much as it is comprised of many meaningful events. One of these events is marriage."

Getting ready to tie the knot? We want to make your marriage to each other special. Our charter sport fishing vessel is easily transformed into an open platform in which your wedding ceremony can be perfomed, in comfort and style. Sunrise, high-noon or sunset...this is your special day. Call on our charter service and let us help you plan it.

Many weddings involve more than the six passenger limit that our charter vessel is subject to. We can come to you! There is something very special about a beach wedding and we have performed more of this type of wedding than any other. Call or email for a list of ceremonies, or for a special request. Let Captain Dan Barry, a Florida public notary, be your wedding officiant. 


Other Private Ventures

Gasparilla boat parade in TampaWater taxi, photo shoots, television commercials, fishing shows, boat parades, suprise parties...you name it! We have probably done it. If not, our charter service is always up for a challenge. Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. has been called on for a myriad of special requests...and we deliver. If you are in need of a service that is not listed on our website, please call and let us know. Every year our list of charter services seems to grow. If you need a boat, for whatever reason, don't be afraid to ask. As long as your request is within the limits of the law, we can help. Just try us. Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc.-your best source for any offshore adventure.


Marine Research

The Jawbreaker fishing vessel is a vessel-for-hire. If you are a college, university or a research company in need of a safe and reliable vessel for the day, we may be able to assist you. Our fast and comfortable 34ft. offshore vessel provides a very spacious work deck as well as plenty of covered work space for equipment that may be sensitive to the elements i.e. computers, monitors, radios, etc. Whether it be marine research, education or even personnel/equipment transport...call on us for your next work project. Jawbreaker Fishing Charters Inc. offers more than just fishing charters, give us a call today and let us know how we can help! 

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